FutAreWe 432 Hz

The title is a word-game „Future Are We“ refering to 432 Hz. It is my first album in 432 Hz and it is dedicated to Dr. Rudolf Steiner in order to give healthy music to mankind by dance music. Some of my songs are yet known as singles in 440 Hz, but only in this album they are all transformed in 432 Hz, the so called natural respectively universal frequency!

Special thanks to Robert Fertl (Copyright © 2017 Welovemusic Records LC29003).


This Album „Weltfrieden“ (transl. World Peace) is meant for the sake of planet Earth and humanity. As I am a free activist for ecologic and also free activist for peace especially for human rights, I wrote some special peace songs. The songs contain a lot of truths; truth becomes first victim of any war, respectively every war starts with a lie. So, TRUTH became to a motto and that’s why I dedicated this album to Mahatma Gandhi. Special thanks to my friends for support.

Copyright © 2016 Welovemusic Records LC29003

Piano Heartbreakers

My Album „Piano Heartbreakers“ is very special. When composing „Please Peace“ (it’s the No. 10) I asked my friend Robert Fertl if he liked this piece. He found so awesome, that he said to me we should record a complete album. This way we recorded this album as a blend of my own piano compositions: „Piano Heartbreakers“ – produced @ Auratonestudio.

Copyright © 2015 Welovemusic Records LC 29003.